Hundefutter-Geheimnisse enthüllt: Entdecken Sie die erstaunliche Wahrheit hinter 'Get Behind' Trainingstechniken!

  1. Smack your Dog: A Handy Training Technique
    1. The Importance of "Get Behind"
    2. Tools for Training
    3. How to Start "Get Behind" Training
    4. Advocating for Your Dog

Smack your Dog: A Handy Training Technique

Hi everyone, it's Lauren Elvin with Out of Updog and Puppy Training. Today, I want to show you a useful training technique called "Get Behind" for targeting and treat delivery. This technique is particularly helpful for little dogs and those who are scared or upset. It helps create a safe space and buys you time to advocate for your dog in uncomfortable situations.

The Importance of "Get Behind"

Many people tend to disregard little dogs' fear or aggressive behavior, considering it amusing. However, all dogs, regardless of size, deserve to feel comfortable and safe. By teaching your dog to "Get Behind," you can create a buffer between them and approaching individuals, giving you time to manage the situation and protect your dog.

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Tools for Training

Target Stick: A target stick with a built-in clicker is a valuable tool for training. You can use it to lead your dog around and deliver treats without straining your back. Simply teach your dog to touch their nose to the target stick, and you're ready to go!

Treat Delivery: The target stick also acts as a treat dispenser, making it convenient for short-legged dogs. By extending your arm with the target stick, you can easily deliver treats without bending down.

How to Start "Get Behind" Training

1. Start with Nose Targeting: Rub some cheese on the target stick and click when your dog sniffs it. Repeat this step until your dog becomes comfortable with the target stick.

2. Teaching "Get Behind": Extend the target stick to lead your dog behind you and say the cue "Get Behind." Click and treat when they successfully follow the command.

3. Alternative Methods: If you don't have a target stick, you can use your hands as a lure or a treat as a lure and reward. The goal is to get your dog to understand the cue and position themselves behind you.

Advocating for Your Dog

By training your dog to "Get Behind," you gain control in situations where people may not respect your dog's boundaries. It allows you to create a safe space and advocate for your dog's needs. Remember, every dog deserves respect, regardless of their size.

If you want to learn more about body language and training for small breed dogs, join our upcoming mini-course starting on February 13th. Sign up now to ensure your little dog receives the respect and training they deserve.

Take care and feel free to ask any questions or share your experiences with "Get Behind" training!

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Hundefutter-Geheimnisse enthüllt: Entdecken Sie die erstaunliche Wahrheit hinter 'Get Behind' Trainingstechniken!

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